What Christians Believe About Marriage

A conclusive statement on the matter of marriage…

Pic by Richard Gunther

Pic by Richard Gunther

All Christians believe YHWH, through His design and clear prescription in His Holy written Word, instituted monogamous marriage between a biological male and biological female for procreation, as the foundation of family, and for the basic structure of human society.

All Christians believe¬†God’s plan for human sexuality is to be expressed only within the context of this for-mentioned Biblical definition of marriage, anything else is Sin.

Christians believe that God created man and woman as unique biological persons made to complete and complement each other. Gender is not simply a human choice, or a cultural construct, but a divine gift that is woven unmistakably into God’s Creation at conception, when human life begins.

All Christians believe, therefore, that all sexual activity is reserved for enjoyment, procreation and for the protection of the purity of the one-flesh union of this Biblically defined relationship. Any sexual behavior outside of this Biblically defined institution¬†is, therefore, wholly contrary to God’s design, and therefore Sin. All forms of premarital sex, not just intercourse, are not purposed by God but are the designs of man and therefore Sin.

All Christians believe that homosexuality is not a condition one is born with, but that each person is created intentionally by God with a specific gender, for God’s glory. Homosexuality is not approved by the God of the Bible, but is Sin. The Scripture is clear some such sexual deviance is a curse given by YHWH for the Sin of Idolatry as well.

All Christians believe that any corruption of the flesh that results in an unnatural combination of gender is not God’s Design but merely a biological mutation, a result of the Fall, a corruption, an entropy of God’s Creation, by man’s Sin. We are all subject to this same Fall, but some have direct fleshly manifestations of the mutations resulting. But all mankind has one dominating gender and all should, therefore, follow that selection by God for their lives or be guilty of a Sin against their Creator.

All Christians believe that anyone who wishes to turn from sexual behavior that is contrary to the Scripture YHWH has provided in the Bible may approach the loving, forgiving and healing God of the Bible, by faith in His Promises. It is rebellion against God to deny His Created order for themselves or anyone else, but YHWH is Merciful if we repent and Trust in His Provision for our Redemption, the One and ONLY Savior and Messiah, Jesus.

All Christians believe that individuals may struggle with their gender identity due to a number of environmental influences and emotionally perceived pressures, or even unfortunate physiological propensities brought about by the corruption of the flesh of man from the Fall. Yet, God in His Mercy, calls us all to embrace His created Order. To refuse to obey Yahweh is to Sin.

All Christians believe marriage is created by YHWH, purposed for God and ordained by God, God glorified in it’s Biblical fulfilment. Marriage is not to be redesigned by man, broken by man, denied by man for his purposes, interests or intentions, no matter how good these intentions may appear. And, therefore and also, that human sexuality is created by YHWH, purposed for Him, ordained by YAHWEH and God glorified in it’s Biblical fulfilment. YHWH honoring sexuality is not to be re-purposed, misused, perverted or despised, by anyone for any reason; To Deny YHWH’s Design is to commit Sin.

These are merely basic statements of what all Christians believe. Any who reject these beliefs are not Christians but have made an idol of their own ideas and perversions and Jesus will hold them accountable.

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